Do People Still Use Microsoft PowerPoint?

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Although not necessarily for giving presentations on-screen to in-room audiences.

PowerPoint can be used quite easily more as a graphic design tool – to produce documents, reports, and profiles.

Rarely do slide shows get activated. I mostly see recipients simply flicking through slides without actually watching the slide show.

Recently clients asked me to help with the following marketing and pitch materials – all done using Microsoft PowerPoint:

1. Pitching to local government (New South Wales)

My business owner client wanted a pitch deck created in PowerPoint because, although he knew how to edit presentations and slide shows, he just needed help with adding and arranging some design and content.

Solution: I helped by finding some superb images that could be used as backgrounds. I also helped find some nifty icons which helped summarise some headings, and optimised the layout.

2. Marketing flyer for aluminium doors and windows company (Western Australia)

My client needed a product presentation and lookbook produced in PowerPoint, mainly because they wanted their staff to be able to edit the presentation.

Solution: I used the client’s branding elements, logo and colours to come up with a distinctive, branded PowerPoint presentation.

Outcome: The client was happy to receive a reduced-size file that they could quickly and easily send to their customers.

3. Recruitment agency (Melbourne)

My client had taken delivery of a marketing presentation produced by a designer. However, they weren’t 100% satisfied with the result. Some elements had not been snapped to edges and guides and the result was generally not professional-looking.

Solution: I used Microsoft PowerPoint features and tools to rearrange and optimise the placement of elements, text and graphics.

Outcome: My client was happy to receive their ‘pixel perfect’ presentation.

If you would like help with your startup pitch deck, or simply your ‘PowerPoint’, please get in touch.

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* Yes, ‘startup’ is now in the dictionary.

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