Logo Design

How to Get a Great Logo

You need a logo so that you or your business can be identified on business cards, email signatures, websites, documents, advertising, etc.

The logo will generally feature the following elements:

– a distinctive icon or pictorial mark (but can just have the business name if preferred)

– brand colour or colours

– the business name written in brand font (typography or logotype).

The logo of car manufacturer BMW (pictured) is distinctive – a large part of that recognisability is simply a function of how long the logo has been around.

Read what BMW says about its own logo.


Where to start

A great starting point in developing the logo is the business name.

From there, you can progress to changing the font used to write the name.

Pictorial mark

Then it’s a matter of finding a symbol or icon that helps represent the business.

The icon or symbol could be that of a star, globe, or a person, etc.

The icon can be chosen from the hundreds of thousands of stock icons available online.

Or, it can be developed from scratch (custom icon).


Colour is a very important part of the logo: I recommend using no more than three separate colours in a logo. Using more colours than this can make things tricky when you’re trying to place a logo on a background with mixed colours.

The logo also needs to be prepared in other colour formats for use in different media and applications, i.e. even a black and white version may be needed.


The logo more than likely needs to be made available in different shapes to suit different locations.

For example, some social media apps require that the logo be uploaded so that it fits into a round space.

On a website, the logo needs to be shaped usually so that it fits well horizontally in the top left corner of the website.

Using free logo maker sites and apps

I see clients fall into the trap of using logo makers. These apps can produce an OK result, but they require really good input in order to produce several worthy and realistic logo options.

In some cases, clients have downloaded a logo that is missing critical elements, or has design flaws that can’t be easily fixed later.

Seek advice

Feel free to contact me for advice before you start working on your logo.

I can prepare a mood board – or branding board – which lets you preview how your business name, chosen font and icon are going to look – before you launch.

Find out more about logo design and mood boards, please get in touch.