Landing Page Design Service

For Australian websites

by Contentify Online Marketing

What is a landing page?

A 'landing page' is free of distractions such as a logo and a menu, and it captures leads for a product or service.

Do you need a landing page?

Yes, probably!

Have you ever noticed when you search for a product or service, you click a result, and you’re taken to a page of a website that doesn’t display a logo or menu? Somewhat conveniently, the page is focused on what you initially searched for. You scroll down and notice there are few links except for a ‘call to action’ near the bottom of the page.

You almost feel compelled to phone a number, fill in a contact form, or take some other action.

Landing Page Design Service

  1. Write and edit unique selling proposition (USP)
  2. Hero image or video
  3. Product or service benefits
  4. Social proof (testimonial)
  5. Call to action – a ‘CTA’


$89 $ 59
  • Added to your existing website
  • WordPress recommended

Australian Web Designer and Native English Speaker/Writer.

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