Why Landing Pages Will Bring You More Leads

Landing pages will bring you more leads because they usually work!


What are landing pages?

Landing pages – on business websites – are dedicated to explaining a specific product or service.

Landing pages are free of the usual distractions found on websites – things like social media icons, and links to not-immediately-relevant material. Top-of-page and footer menus are usually also absent.

This is not online trickery – well mostly not. Landing pages are simply focused on comprehensively outlining a product or service – displaying calls to action – and then collecting leads and enquiries.

Do you need a landing page?

Yes, probably! Because they tend to work.

Have you ever noticed when you search for a product or service, you click a result, and you’re taken to a page of a website that doesn’t display a logo or menu?

If in that moment you’re genuinely in the market for that product or service, you’ll find it convenient that the page is clearly laid out and focused on what you searched for.

You scroll down the page and notice there are few links – except for a ‘call to action’ near the bottom of the page.

A call to action is a phone number to call, a quote enquiry form to fill in, etc.

When you see the CTA, you almost feel compelled to take action right then and there!

How to get a landing page

You or your web designer can add your own custom landing page. If performing the task yourself, you would add a page to your site and deactivate the top page menu and the page footer – just for that page.

What should you put on your landing page?

A particular sequence and layout needs to be used on a landing page for the page to be efficient and effective. Tips are provided in the  ‘Landing Page Design Service’ page (link below).

Landing page services

You can also pay for a landing page service that integrates with your website.

Listed here are three prominent landing page services:

  • Leadpages
  • Unbounce
  • Instapage

This post by Colin Newcomer on the WordPress blog ‘winningwp.com’ provides a good analysis of these three services.

Service pricing: Remember to convert prices from US Dollars to Australian Dollars if applicable.


See also related page on this site: Landing Page Design Service.


Landing pages will bring in more leads because…

Experts agree that landing pages are an additional way to bring in more leads.

Will landing pages bring in more leads on YOUR website?

Landing pages might not work on ALL websites. However, why not try it out – leave it three months – and review?

You would be wise to review your website’s page traffic, e.g., are the landing pages getting hits? Are the enquiry forms specially created for the landing pages bringing in enquiries?



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